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Streaming Audio


It's Your Health Radio - May 23 2011 - Lisa Davis discusses The Safe & Sane Guide to Tennage Plastic Surgery with Dr. Lukash. Dr. Lukash discusses the topics that are in the book and how the information is beneficial to teens and parents. Click here to listen.



New Reflections With Dr. Adam Rubinstein - April 16 2011 - Dr. Adam Rubinstein interviews Dr. Lukash on the controversial subject of Teenage Plastic Surgery. Click here to listen.



Coping Conversations With Dr. Bob Phillips- January 15, 2011 - Dr. Bob Phillips interviews Dr. Lukash on Teenage Plastic Surgery. Several topics such as the pros and cons of having surgery, how parents and teens should approach the topic, why he wrote "The Safe & Sane Guide to Teenage Plastic Surgery". Click here to listen.



The Skillful Living Room- Radio Interview - January 15, 2011 - Dr. Lukash discusses teenagers, their self esteem and how teenagers fit into our society with Dr. Michael Finkelstein. Click here to listen.




Toronto AM-640 - Radio Interview - June 16, 2008 - Dr. Lukash discusses his soon to be published book "The Safe & Sane Guide to Teenage Plastic Surgery". Click here to listen.

According to Dr. Lukash, the vast majority of teenagers seeking plastic surgery in America today are not seeking to stand out from the crowd. Rather, they are children and adolescents who get teased because of big ears, large noses, unusually small or large breasts, or other abnormal features, who simply want to fit in. They simply want the teasing to stop. They just want to be normal.


Video Links

"Teen Plastic" - Dr. Lukash debates the pros and cons of plastic surgery for teenagers. June 14, 2008


Website Links

Dr. Lukash comments on the Florida teen who died during breast surgery. March 26, 2008
  "Teens seek plastic surgery, breast jobs, to fit in"
June 12, 2008
  "Kids and Cosmetic Surgery: Are Teens Too Young to Go Under The Knife?"
  "Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery"
  "A Surgeon Finds Clients at Home"


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"Teenage Plastic Surgery"
"Plastic Surgery, Teenagers and the Media"
"Adolescent Bariatric Surgery"


"Fillers - The Race for Space"
"Guardians of Self-Esteem"
"Natural Wellness"
"Children are Not Small Adults"


"Adolescent Plastic Surgery"
NY Times
"Picture This: Big Smiles After Surgery"
"Vital Signs - Before and After Exhibit"


Additional Print Media

Dr. Lukash also wrote the following articles for "North Shore Today's Elite Magazine":
  • "Today's Rhinoplasty Can Correct the '60's 'Nose Job'
  • "Hair Restoration Possible Through Plastic Surgery"
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  • "Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy is An Option"
  • "A Prominent Ear Deformity Can Be Surgically Corrected"
  • "Liposuction: Myth of Miracle? A Plastic Surgeon's Viewpoint"
  • "Cosmetic Surgery: Can It Help Turn Back Clock on the Aging Face?"


Humanitarian Work

Great Neck Record Sports
"Doctor 'Rick' Lukash & 100 Kids Win on Ice "
"This is a Dream,
Isn't it "
Great Neck Record
"Art and Emotion at LI Children's Museum "


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