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Breast Hypertrophy

The breast like no other organ symbolizes femininity. Those whose breasts are outside "societal" norms, or who fall into stereotypes often need the help of a plastic surgeon. A young adolescent female with pendulous breasts may be perceived as promiscuous or sexy. Clothes may become an issue for fear of looking too sensuous. Large breasts may be in the way when it comes to sports. Many women with breast hypertrophy have poor posture not only because of the weight and size of the breasts, but also as a way to minimize their appearance. No one wants to see their child shy away from social events of athletics or to hear about the "cat calls".

Adolescent females with overly large breasts [macromastia] should be evaluated by their pediatrician for hormonal imbalances. Following this an in depth consultation with a plastic surgeon will outline the risks, benefits and outcomes of a reduction mammoplasty. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons state that breast reduction surgery carries the highest degree of patient satisfaction of all the operations performed.

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Breast Hypoplasia

Just as overly large breasts can be problematic so can be the absence of breast development in a young girl. Once a hormonal evaluation is complete and deemed normal, consideration should be given to breast enhancement if the problem is emotionally and developmentally significant.

Breast Asymmetry

This is probably the most psychologically devastating situations that an adolescent female can face. There are problems of altered body image (pairs are supposed to be matched) and the problems of trying to fit into clothes.  These girls will shy away from any situation that may reveal the asymmetry. Plastic surgical consultation will be invaluable to let these teenagers know that there is a solution to their situation. Together patient, family and doctor an plan the best course of action to equalize the breasts.

Inverted Nipples

This is a very common situation that can be very disturbing to young women. Here the ligaments of the nipple pull it inward and prevent nipple erection. A very simple procedure under local anesthesia can correct this problem that can be either one or both sided.


Occasionally an adolescent male develops breasts similar to the female shape. This can be a socially devastating situation. The cause has been linked to certain medications and to marijuana use. It can however happen without any predisposing factors. Once this occurs only surgery can rectify the problem. This should be performed as soon as endocrinological evaluation rules out any hormonal imbalances.

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Frederick N. Lukash, M.D.
Publication: Children's Hospital Quarterly
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