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Cleft Lip Revision & Cleft Palate Revision

Cleft Palate Revision | Nassau CountyTraditional approaches to cleft lip and palate deformities have focused on early closure of the lip with little attention paid to the underlying bone and dental arches. Bypassing correction of these crucial areas has resulted in alveolar collapse, oral nasal fistulas, and nasal deformities. A more progressive approach is to insert palatomaxillary appliances in the early weeks after birth to painlessly realign the cleft bony segments into normal position. In one surgical procedure the dental arch is then fused, the oral nasal fistula closed, and the nose and lip repaired.


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Moles Removal & Beauty Mark Removal

Most individuals have at least 70 small moles or “beauty marks” on their face and body. They are often of little consequence. Occasionally there can be medical or cosmetic issues.

Sometimes a benign mole can be in an unappealing location. Children often feel that people are staring at the mole rather than looking at them. Other times the moles are suspicious in nature. Dermatologists are very helpful in determining the “health” of the mole, but plastic surgeons are adept in removing them.

Moles can be removed as simply as small well placed incisions or if large may require more advanced techniques. Staged serial excisions can gradually remove large nevi (moles) and reduce the size of incisions. With extremely large nevi surgical use of tissue expanders may be required to recruit normal skin or hair into the area.

Scar Reduction

Hardly a day goes by without someone requesting a plastic surgeon to do “scarless surgery” or make an existing scar disappear. Unfortunately this cannot be done. What can be done, however, is careful planning. Elective procedures can have incisions placed in the most inconspicuous lines, creases and folds of the body. Plastic surgeons also have a clear understanding of wound healing and how to best repair a wound such as a laceration. They also have knowledge in dealing with unsightly scars (hypertrophic scars and keloids).

Children are very active and it is often just a matter of time and circumstance until parents are confronted with having a “cut” needing repair. A well timed visit with a plastic surgeon can often be a much easier experience than spending hours in the emergency room.

While there is no magic bullet when dealing with scars, it is possible to decrease the anxiety of “being scarred for life”

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